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12th International
Alexander Technique Congress

15 ‒ 21 August 2021
Technische Universität Berlin | Germany


Pre-register now and save up to 100 Euros on the final Congress fee!

This time, we are offering a new "pre-booking" system.

How does it work? If you pre-register with 50 or 100 Euros now, they'll be worth double when you complete your registration later*. Or, in other words, it'll give a discount of the same amount**.

Pre-booking closes on 15 September 2019, so pre-register now, save money and support the Congress while you’re at it!

Pre-Register Now

* Registration opens 1 October 2020 and continues until 15 July 2021. ** For example, if you pre-book with €100 now, you need only pay a remaining balance of €650 instead of €850 (regular fee) when you complete your registration. The same applies to all other registration categories (Early Bird, Trainee, etc...) accordingly. See also our Congress Fees table below for reference.

Congress Venue

It's directly in the heart of Berlin, adjacent to the large Tiergarten park as well as the Landwehr Canal and the Spree. It's also not far from the from the famous Kurfürstendamm, the Brandenburger Tor and the Reichstag.

The buildings are mostly modern and functional. Being a university building, it’s not the Queen's palace, but we fell in love with its vibe, the huge auditorium, its abundant amenities, and its innumerable nooks and crannies where friends can sit, chat, eat, and even engage in a spot of semi-supine.

We’re especially excited about a beautiful, spacious and bright open space spanning several floors, called the "Lichthof". We nicknamed that space "the Angel Hall", and this will be where we will have our work-exchange stations and some great events.

It's a great place for students (that's us, right?!) to do all the things they want and need to do.

Technische Universität Berlin
Berlin Institute of Technology

Straße des 17. Juni 135
10623 Berlin-Charlottenburg

Congress Fees

Find below our list of the Congress prices for different participant types.

We want to make this Congress as accessible as possible for all Alexander people.
That's why we offer a couple of new categories as well as the new Sponsor Ticket this time....


Don't forget, as mentioned above – You can save money!

If you pre-register with 100 Euros now, you can subtract 200 Euros from these prices. Accordingly, if you pre-register with 50 Euros, it's minus 100 Euros...

Pre-Register Now

Early Bird Registration
1 October 2020 - 15 February 2021
Regular Attendee€ 750
Chicago 2018 Participant€ 650
Attendee from outside Europe€ 650
Trainee€ 500
Regular Registration
16 February 2021 - 15 July 2021
Regular Attendee€ 850
Chicago 2018 Participant€ 750
Attendee from outside Europe€ 750
Trainee€ 550
Late Registration
After 15 July 2021
All Registration Categories+ € 50
Extra: Sponsor Tickets
1 October 2020 - 15 February 2021
Sponsor a fellow attendee – All Registration Categories+ € 50
Please note that the above Congress Fees do not incluce accmmodation. But we'd like to be able to suggest some good solutions, get some deals or even coordinate some sharing to reduce costs. When we have all the info in place, we will add them to the website and we'll send an email about it. With the new Sponsor Ticket you donate the additional fee into a fund to support financially less able attendees. Details to follow...
More details on payment options and on how to apply for the special registration categories in the weeks before registration opens on 1 October 2020.
As we are very cost-conscious we continue to make a huge effort to bring an exceptional educational value to you at the best price. Your Congress registration fee includes, among other things: 6 days of learning from keynote speakers, plenary presenters, continuous learning, workshops, panel discussions, an opening reception, activities and entertainment throughout the week, a closing party, and much more!

Congress Survey

So it’s survey time!

(One more, great! I love surveys!)

As the logistics fall into place we are also starting to look in earnest at the content and programming of the Congress.
We have many ideas and have already received several suggestions from the community, but we'd also love to know what people might want to see included.

So click the button below, fill out the form to your heart's content and give us a better sense of where to focus our attention.

Take survey now

Please get the survey in before 15 September 2019 at midnight, when it'll transform into a pumpkin.

Take this opportunity to express yourself and help us to design a great Congress.

Graphic: Thick Down Arrow Downloads

To get you in the "right Congress spirit", and of course, for the pure fun of it – find here a selection of great downloads... Enjoy!


stylized document pageOur first Newsletter Article for all the AT societies (PDF 284KB / May 2019)

stylized document pageCongress Programme - Coming soon!

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